unfinished: new style 2015

unfinished 2015 The other day I start a discussion about movements and styles of contemporary design. From Arts and Crafts around 1850 to most recent New Wave or Deconstructivism I was trying to think about new styles and just know I found this interesting “unfinished” apartment. Japanese office G Studio added swathes of white paint to the walls of this loft in Tokyo, making it look like the space is unfinished and creating  a space that combines home comforts with raw industrial finishes. Named Tokyo Loft, the apartment occupies one of the uppermost floors of a 1980s housing block. The project mixes the old wall with the new wall because “Just renewal is boring. Something old is not just old, and it is better than just new”. The raw concrete walls and ceilings were updated using a painting technique intended to create the effect of Japanese Washi paper. It involved spray painting A4 sized sheets of resin against the surfaces, then removing them to reveal a spiral-like texture.





























































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