win – win

Sin título-1For a while we begin to notice the concept of energy renovation of buildings. Up 2014 started the European Commission the technical guidance of financing energy renovation and, specifically in Spain, an Aid Programme Energy Rehabilitation in Buildings located in Urban. The truth is that this aid program is a good attempt by the administration to motivate people to take action for saving, improving and modernizing the huge area of spanish residential housing having, that present big isolation and interior fittings deficiencies. Being honest energy refurbishment of buildings is the only way to reduce drastically  residential energy consumption of all those homes built before the Technical Building Code and the Energy Certification of Buildings (which are the majority) Aid Programme Energy Building Rehabilitation supposed aid of up to 30% with a maximum of € 3000 / housing grant for improvements in the thermal envelope (walls, roofs …) and 0% interest loans in improvements thermal conditioning installations (boilers, lighting …) What can we do to improve this thermal envelope? Adding isolation, replacing windows, eliminating thermal bridges … What about the installations? Replace conventional boiler biomass boiler, HVAC equipment change other high efficiency …   All these measures have to get a letter increase in the scale of Building Energy Rating for the action to be subsidized. In many, seems to be an easier condition, but the it isn’t so. Any way, it is a win-win: you win (in savings, quality of life and health) and also environment … We all win.

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