roots dimension

This art made of branches and iron explores the condition and dimension of the Man’s role in the world. The south korean artist, Su-Hyuk Kim is the responsible of this poetic point of view.  Each of his works rubs, through fragility, a mystical and spiritual state. In his sculptures there is no flesh, no blood, no muscles, but we can perceive his soul, his breathing. 

“I want to say through my artwork what human being is in the natural world. Everyday, anywhere I realize that we are so little exist compare to the works of God. So I seek the smallest artist under the sky.”

If we go for a walk , in almost all landscape, what we observe at most are are trees and branches. Kim Sun Hyuk not only saw something special in them, but also in their roots.

Maybe the goal of Sun-Hyuk Kim is to make us feel small, before the immensity of nature.



















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