5 keys that will change the future

This summery is based on the article ” 5 Key Design trends ” by David Carlson. He introduced this 5 concepts in relation with design, but why not to fit then us goals for 2019 ?


( Cool & Cultural )

Sensorial, local, tribal.

It is about how we through methods like ReUSe and ReMix reutilise things in other ways, without for that sake hiding its origin and also updating ancient traditions. Above all COOLTURAL is about storytelling and authenticity.


( Rationalism & Renaissance )

Stylish, functional, iconic.

It is about merging the past, present and the future. It is about the things that we keep for a long time, that even may become a heritage.


( Responsible & Business )

Holistic, sustainable, ethical.

It is about an awareness of peoples needs and global fairness. It is about reducing the affects on the nature surrounding us.


( Sensual & seductive )

Narrativ, enganging, emotional.

It is about the need of seduce appealing to all of our senses in constantly increasing. It is about human design and pleasure.

Breaking boundaries 

Experimental, curious, indisciplinary.

It is about breaking new ground. About being proactive.

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