Shenzhen studio Aether Architects has transformed a derelict residence in the city’s Guanwu district into a cultural centre and hotel that is wrapped in a latticed framework of white cubes.

“The existence of the new structure as a transparent building between the original building and the external environment glued the two together, then formed the cascading architecture and scenery of the site.”


The client is a native of the area and was keen to bring a new purpose to the disused and unsightly building located on a corner plot surrounded by other residences.

The metal frame is formed of galvanised profiles that are combined to create square modules. The resulting units create a semi-opaque surface around the building.

With the structure secured, Aether Architects set about embellishing the building by adding an outer framework that is intended to soften the boundary between the facility and the adjacent streets.


“We use the raw truss structure concept to develop a series of small structural units to knit and wrap over the original building, creating a new shape and architectural space,” said the studio.


Photos © Chao Zhang


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