past into the future: physically and metaphorically

productionI used to play piano, that belongs to my past. Nowadays a occupy some of my time transforming things. This piece of furniture could be (at least for me) the most specific translation of the meaning: upzycling. Transformation of the past into the future, not only physical but also metaphoric.

Maybe it is a sign and I have to play piano one more time, under the idea of: recycling myself. Maybe…or maybe not, but for sure piano has this sentimental attachment, that captures my attention immediately.

The creative mastermind behind this sofa is Gary Sanders. He is an English designer living in Vienna | Austria. Here Gary talks about his piano furniture project.

What’s your relationship to music? As someone who enjoys playing music (non-professionally of course), whether it be strings, skins or keys, I´m always keen to play something and therefore have a certain respect for musical instruments.

How did you come to upcycling a piano? When I saw for the first time a concert-piano abandoned and destined for the waste disposal site, I couldn`t help but think that an object built with such craftsmanship and age (a time when things were still built to last!) should not be so easily discarded. Almost immediately I could envision a form of seating and decided to salvage the piece. It was clear to me that something of this size would involve more work and care to achieve the best possible outcome. In between working on other projects I slowly gave careful thought on the development of the piece.

” In my designs, it is important to me to get the visual connection to the original object. Just as important to me is the user-friendliness and function of the product as well as the timeless attractiveness. “

Photos © Gary Sanders






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