ponga Ecke

Ponga Ecke // Berlin // 2014 During dismantling of stands at Bread & Butter in Berlin, I was surprised to see how much wood in very good condition is going to be throw away. So I decided to give a second life to all those pieces that have built this project. Ponga Ecke, is the first furniture concept Creativeponga. Inspired by the shape of the spiral  and considering the human proportions, the created element can be combine for various purposes: it allows us to enjoy a coffee table, a desk, a high desk, a bank, or as many other things as we can think about. Depending on the corner of the house that is still empty,  the needs of the moment or how children could enjoy this element,  the function of this element unifies time, space and family. As first concept I’m keep on working on Ponga Ecke to give it a global and diverse use.

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