do we choose how we want to live?

mini loft Berlin Welcome to berlin 2015.  The sector of housebuilding is experimenting a big change last years. It is going to be built each corner of the german capital. New constructions, new age. People moving from F-Hein to Neukölln, Wedding or Lichtenberg; tower cranes everywhere; concrete and safety helmets; … That’s one of the attractions of Berlin every single day. Why not?  But  a shame, because not everybody could afford the prices.

All at once, a lot of old buildings are being modernized like this tiny Berlin apartment. On the one hand I have to say I really like this sort of works, that re-calculate the spaces and looks for new views of distribution. Honestly, is a good “work of art”. But on the other hand, I miss the quality of live. I was asking my self, why? if there are so many apartments in Berlin…why do we choose to live and breath in 21 square meters ? do we like cramped spaces? do we choose that? or maybe we just don’t have other options ? What is the meaning of housing reform? Perhaps the “construction giant” is not only focused on new construction , but also in modernize old buildings, transforming then in dolls’ houses ? The real estate market belongs only to him? Unfair, isn’t it? Many apartments, many housing reforms, many changes…but nobodies asked if we are agree on that.

Photos © Ringo Paulusch

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