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Biblioteca-Vallicelliana-Roma-2013 Bibliotheque-de-lHotel-de-Ville-Paris-2012 Biblioteca-Angelica-Roma-2013 Biblioteca-Vallicelliana-Roma-2013-2 0Bibliotheque-Sainte-Genevieve-Paris-2012 0Bibliotheque-Nationale-de-France-Paris-2014-2 0Bibliotheque-interuniversitaire-de-la-Sorbonne-Paris-2014 The New Yorker Photograph Franck Bohbot is working on these series of Libraries in Europe, North America, South America, Asia and abroad.

The Project House of Books, is about the places that we have learned and were the books stay for decade.

He focuses his artistic research on public spaces, urban landscapes and, more recently, on documentary portraits. Paying tribute to the Architects. the light, the composition and the colors have to be coherent in all the series. This is a long project, and this is the beginning.

Photos © Franck Bohbot
















































































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