Carcöll // Caimalito, Colombia // 2014

Caracöl is the result of 3 weeks working in the old rail station Caimalito, where a bamboo workshop school for young people will be built. We asked the locals, what they really wanted to create in this abandoned space? Their answers included a place for events, a park to play, an English academy, an art room, an atelier, a cinema, … After some brainstorming we decided to build an ephemeral installation, where we could combine all of their ideas. As a result, a versatile amphitheater was created, suited to watch a movie, take a lesson, do a meeting or to be used for children as a playground. The current structure will be transformed in the future into a caracole as an integrating part of the building structure. Only two bamboo sticks are needed to build a sort of sit, and to build up motivation for the local people, who don’t exactly know how to use this material yet.

  • Working with bamboo
  • Social use of a future stair
  • Caracole structure
  • Unions with " boca de pescado "
  • Working with bamboo
  • Unions with " boca de pescado "
  • Develope between actual project - amphitheatre and future caracole
  • Finally porject. Stair to connect levels

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