Organic House

Project of Javier Senosian, Naucalpan Edo. de México 1985. The organic house born from the idea of creating a space adapted to humans, in accordance with environmental, physical and psychological needs.Its origin is in nature, because it looks for areas similar to the maternal womb, to animal shelters, to those of man, who in the beginning, adopted the caverns without modifying its environment, to an igloo and to all the friendly spaces and concave that recall the arms of the mother that cuddles the child. We look for continuous, wide, integral, light-releasing and changing form spaces that follow the natural pace of man’s movements, spaces where the integrated furniture facilitates the movement.
co 1 construktion sektion


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iron shelves
Guadua Workshop 2014. Caimalito, Pereira, Colombia.
do we choose how we want to live?