home of the future by Studio Aisslinger

haw_img_004Could we imagine a house dressed with textil fabrics? or integrating plants into a natural water cycle that requires no additional resources? maybe some cows around the garden or just a place for the production of food ?

This is the idea that was exhibited by Studio Aisslinger in the Museum Haus am Waldsee, Berlin.

21 Century has a easy goal: transformation and reinvention without stop using new materials and technologies. In five different living situations, the installations display how one can utilize the latest technical materials to achieve the goal of sustainability.

One of the cornerstones of the project is the batroom-installation, each design was made through plants. Here, the invention of fog collecting fabrics, which can filter drinking water from morning mists, is utilised as a wall covering in the shower absorbing the steam from the hot water and passing it on to the plants integrated into the installation. The bathroom is turned into a textile environment, countering the hard materials that dominate traditional bathrooms with a soft, nature-oriented vision. The textile washbin and bathtub are designed to change their volume when their exteriors are “rolled up” –  adjusting the amount of water to the respective usage.

haw_img_011(1) Other problem to solve has grown from the idea of the kitchen farming. “The kitchen of the future is less of a spaceship but rather a place for the production of food.”

The Kitchen farming-installation consists of a simple counter and a kind of hothouse array of shelves turning the entire ensemble into a kitchen laboratory that is all about production: Aquaponic, a cycle of fish farming and vegetable cultivation, in which the fish provide the manure for the plants, just like the mushrooms growing on coffee grounds, form part of this Kitchen farming-vision.

When did human being spin façade walls before? it is not any more a part of our future, so, lets go to bring with these ideas to our places. 1

Photos ©  Studio Aisslinger










Photo ©  Mirjam Fruscella & Daniele Manduzio




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