What is the meaning of Guadua?

DSCF7587All my last post where about something called guadua, and I forget to describe it. Guadua is a species of bamboo, more specifically, is Gaudua Anfgustifolia. It has its habitat in the rainforest on the banks of rivers. Own sudestes Venezuelan jungles, and extends through the jungles of Guyana; and in Brazil, Colombia, Guyana, Peru, Surinam. From San Angel in Mexico through Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama. It grows 15 to 20 meters in 120 days its maximum diameter 2, is used between 4-5 years of planting; its ideal altitude is between 400 and 1200 m; sandy-loam soils, clayey, deep; Tº and between 18 and 28 º C, with rainfall exceeding 1,200 mm and a relative humidity of at least 80%.

Why is so sustainable in Colombien? because, is a local wood; because is needs only 4 years to be use in perfect conditions; because ones you have a guadual, you can cut each gaudua, and get a new gaudual from each cut; because of the easily form to work it; because of the static strength; good compressive stress and even better tensile: you can build a house of 4 levels, only with pillars and joist of it; even if you want, you an decorate your whole house with bamboo.

Just in case, I want to try to plant some in Berlin, and watch if a can bring my wish with.

“Guadua symbolizes Taoist spirit, completeness, perfection, strength and softness, flexibility, harmony, righteousness, immutability, perseverance, patience, modesty, lift and emptiness” Marcelo Villegas






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