Caimalito railway station, Colombia

Caimlito railway station // Caimalito, Colombia // 2014

The Caimalito project is based in the idea of “ instant urbanism”, ephemeral architecture at a smaller scale to improve the dynamics of certain areas and the local communities around them. Bamboo was suggested as the main construction material for the prototypes that were built in the public buildings of  the former Caimalito railway station. Columbian and international multidisciplinary teams working side to side with the local vulnerable communities, settled along the old lane developed this 3 week project. It is an informal settlement with poor infrastructure and a minimum treatment of public space. The aim of the project was to achieve social innovation through design, recovering bamboo as a building material, a discredited existing natural resource widely present in the area. We had the chance to work with exceptional professionals like Simon Vélez, Marcelo Villegas, or Germán Rubio. “ Learning by Doing” is the effect of this still developing project, with the specific idea of creating a bamboo workshop school for young people, to rescue lost traditional jobs in the region.

  • Tools
  • Caracole
  • old table
  • Recycling table with "latas" of bamboo
  • Bamboo work table
  • Chairs
  • Garden rail station Caimalito 2014
  • Rail station Caimalito 2014
  • resume
  • to be continue...

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