Creation myth of the earth by Tayronas

tayronasFor Kogi ethnicity, which are the oldest villages in Sierra Nevada, and who according to mythology was given them to preserve the legacy and guard it, is well known myth of the creation of the universe.

“First was the sea. Everything was dark. There was no sun, no moon, no people, no animals, no plants. Only the sea was everywhere. The sea was the Mother. She was water, water everywhere.

Mother was not people or anything, nor anything else.

She was aluna. She was the spirit of what was coming and she was thinking and memory. So the mother existed only in aluna, in the lower world, in depth. Lands and worlds were then formed, above, as far as our country is today. There were nine worlds: First was the mother, and the water and the night: There was no sunrise. The mother’s name Se-ne-nuláng;  there was also a Father named Katakénene-nuláng. They had a son called Kúnkua-sé.

But they were not people, or anything, nor nothing else. They were aluna. They were spirit and thought. That was the first world.

When parents were born in the world, they began to dry land. They pushed the sea beyond and made ditches to dry land and canoes to navigate the water. The mother drank half the sea. Mountains were formed from earth and water was removed. When parents of the world built the house in heaven, they met and danced and sang and decided to build the world.

So is the world, mother world, who is always present and never abandons his children, which cares for and feeds. All land depressions, caves and gorges of the mountains are the holes in her uterus.

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