Ciudad Perdida and Tayronas

ciudad perdida_libroCiudad Perdida was declared by the Colombian government as a National Monument. It is a valuable symbol of one of the biggest cultures of our indigenous: los Tayrona.

Its architecture and engineering are unimaginable, and just seeing them in live,  you can value great thought that is behind each of those stones being dragged uphill. They are a great example of what was the urbanism or cities because they built respecting all environmental standards and also the environment so that its inhabitants could enjoy a completely healthy and spacious environment.

This city is located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia. Built by the Tayrona Indians in the margin of Buritaca river, being a great building, because of the difficulty of the terrain, (sometimes till 40 º inclination ), the weather and water. Based on archaeological studies, it is presumed that it was built in the X century and abandoned by the XVI, when the Spanish invaders began to destroy the people and thus the culture of this tribe.

It’s formed by great paved courtyards and polished stones, seated on the same stone “rings” as well as their roads and aqueducts , always flagstone. These terraces or rings are due to the settlement on the hillside, where the placement thereof, adapted to the configuration of the topography, using stone and earth.

forma piscinasIts geometry on top has this basic form of rings, characterized by a stone wall that functions as containment-wall and foundation.

The roofs were covered with palm or straw, and the furnishings were wet rush, woven mats or reeds.

In total there are 140 terraces, none of which is the same.

These terraces are connected by stone paths. This road system routes a hierarchy of evidence, because there are differences in the importance given to each: this difference is reflected in the layout, the width and the development of the road.

All along the edge of the mountain, monumental terraces arranged by a road or single axis and 10 sources of water that form an aqueduct, all integrated into the urban fabric developed stepwise.

It was felt that this city was a ceremonial site where 1500 people lived, reaching 20.000 seat up.

To the Tayronas, with its wisdom left an indelible mark of its existence and a lesson to the Man steering towards the environment.



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