Guadua Workshop 2014. Caimalito, Pereira, Colombia.

tallerGuadua Workshop 2014 is done. After hours and hours finding the best guaduas, we finish with a lot of different things.

This project was not only a construction project, but also a social project. The old rail station will be transformed in a workshop school. We just start working on brainstorming, concepts and equipment. What would need the space in relation with what people of Caimalito need. If you spoke with children, they would say: I want a place to play; if you asked young people, they would answered: I want a cinema, a disco, a workplace, an english school,a showroom for art,…even a ring for fighting. Most of these ideas, were in our mind. At the end, we work and learn with the community how to build with gaudua and how to construct the connections between the material and the things they need.

What about the future of this railstation?



































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